Uniform Management Software for Transportation Companies

How to Best Equip Your Organization and Keep Costs Low in the Process!


The Challenges

As the person in charge of a transportation company, you are familiar with the following challenges when it comes to equipping and outfitting your employees:

  • Employees have many individual requirements for their equipment (kits/ templates, articles, sizes, adjustments), depending on their function
  • Employees are given different purchasing authorizations (maximum quantities, points, budget)
  • Manual control of ordering volumes and wearing time is hardly possible 
  • Many suppliers of clothing, footwear, protective equipment and specialty parts, often on different platforms
  • Stocking of equipment parts in various sizes, colors and qualities, for replacement and exchange
  • Intransparency with regard to inventories in circulation (with employees, on site) and in the warehouse
  • Continuous optimization of procurement costs with optimum equipment
  • Long and sometimes complicated service times due to employees working in shifts 
  • Wrong deliveries and returns on a frequent basis due to incorrectly ordered sizes

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Your Requirements

And so you have very specific ideas about how you want your uniform and apparel solutions management system to work:

  • Comprehensive equipment and warehouse management in a uniform store software system 
  • Efficient ordering processes through closely managed ordering options, without time-consuming approval processes
  • Intuitive handling, no training needed, as easy as a web store 
  • Mapping of the different quotas/order templates based on the role and the pattern of the employees  
  • Mapping of employee quotas with maximum volumes and wearing times, point systems and mixed forms 
  • Complete tracking of all purchases, returns and exchanges (management of clothing accounts)
  • Maximum of information available to users in one place, to avoid queries and time-consuming communication
  • All suppliers on one platform 
  • Additional functionalities, such as keeping track of items with serial numbers, making appointments, tracking health checks, RFID and barcode identification, etc.


Our Response: transLogiX! 

Rigilog understands the challenges of transportation companies and has developed a uniform ordering system and apparel solution that meets the specific needs of this industry:


Every user and/or person responsible for ordering can place orders without any system obstacles, to the extent that he's authorized to.


Define and manage employee claims for uniforms by quantity, points, or value.


Users only need to specify product and size according to their authorization to automatically generate orders for initial and subsequent requirements.


The wardrobe management module manages standard stock up to second-hand items and personalized products and custom-made items.


Access to all levels of the company, from headquarters and sites to individual employees.


The users receive all information in one central location, so they are well informed and never have to pick up the phone to get the information they need.


Provides a customized, detailed reporting system for complete transparency with flexible customization of reports.

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What Our Clients Have to Say...

Marina Böhm

Manager Uniform 

Management, Zurich 

Transportation Services (VBZ)

Our VBZ fleet circles the globe 2.4 times every day, taking 900,000 passengers to their destinations. To do this, we employ around 2,500 people. 80% of all employees are provided with formal service clothing, customized clothing for customer contact and safety clothing for day-to-day operations. Marina Böhm is responsible for ensuring that VBZ employees not only look good, but are also functionally dressed. In doing so, I have to adhere budgets, conduct supplier discussions and reconcile a wide variety of requirements.

In 2012, the City of Zurich decided to implement Rigilog's transLogiX solution for Zurich Transport Services, Zurich Protection and Rescue and Zurich City Police in a cross-departmental project, replacing several legacy systems. With the transLogiX, we have not only reorganized the ordering and management of uniforms, but also covered all processes from disposition, purchasing, warehousing to return and disposal. I have exactly the tool at hand that helps me to successfully implement these different requirements under one umbrella.

Even though we implemented transLogiX with a big project including the integration into our SAP and the migration of the legacy data, I am convinced that the solution is perfectly positioned for small to large transport companies. Not only allowed us transLogiX to  significantly simplify processes with, but we have also been able to fully incorporate additional processes such as key management into the solution.

We consider Rigilog a collaborative partner and innovative solution provider who continuously maintains its technology at the state of the art. We don't want to miss transLogiX as an essential solution which saves us considerable effort on a daily basis.

Dr. Florian Brauner

Director Strategic Safety 

Management, Kölner 

Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB)

As a mobility service provider, Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG manages the local public transport system of the city of Cologne with its light rail vehicles, municipal bus lines, the KVB hire bike and the new on-demand service "Isi". KVB employs around 4,000 people. 

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been using transLogiX from Rigilog AG to manage and order our employees' clothing. We have thus successfully replaced a legacy system used for many years and brought it up to date, technologically. Previously, the points for the purchase of clothing were printed in different values on a special endless paper and handed out to each employee. With the so-called point check booklet, employees could obtain their uniforms by handing in individual checks. The settlement between the issuing office -, this could also be an external clothing company - and the KVB takes place on the basis of the points collected. This paper-based process was to be replaced by an electronic process. 

Despite the complex equipment processes with points and a large number of clothing items, with transLogiX we were able to considerably reduce complexity. Not only do we see significant gains in efficiency both regarding operations and staff, but also in transparency. At the same time, costs for lengthy rework can be saved. 

Thanks to the close and constructive cooperation with our specialist departments, the works council and the provider Rigilog, we were able to successfully implement the introduction of the new service dress software as an internal project. We look forward to continuing the development and are planning further steps, such as the introduction of a modern web store so that our employees can reorder clothing even more easily.  

Rigilog shines in particular when highlighting the tools that are easy to use and the investment in training is extremely low. We appreciate the good cooperation and experience Rigilog as a constructive and innovative solution provider.

Stephanie Wiehle

Director Logistics,

Freiburger Verkehrs-AG


Around 81.6 million passengers use VAG's light rail vehicles and buses every year. VAG thus delivers fundamental value to improving mobility in Freiburg and noticeably relieves the city of the consequences of car traffic. VAG employs 850 people. 

In 2014, we decided to count on Rigilog's transLogiX solution to equip our employees with uniforms and workwear. Until then, we had managed this business area on the basis of Excel and paper. transLogiX had convinced us if compared to the available alternatives due to its comprehensive functionalities for managing and ordering workwear of our employees and the ideal mapping of our processes for disposition, ordering from the manufacturers and issuing to the employees.

The long-standing partnership with Rigilog and their good performance in training and support of our employees by Rigilog have since helped us in optimizing our clothing management and in saving costs due to gained transparency and complete digital mapping of our processes. Our expectations have been fully met. We wholeheartedly recommend the solution transLogiX and the provider Rigilog AG! 

When does an implementation of transLogiX make sense?

Implementing transLogiX makes sense when your company seeks to streamline uniform management through self-service ordering, efficient stock handling, and comprehensive reporting. It enables your employees to easily order equipment, provides access to uniform data across the company, and ensures transparency with customized reports. Calculate your savings and see how transLogiX can optimize your operations.

How long does it take to implement transLogiX in my company?

transLogiX is offered pre-configured and ready to use. As soon as you have imported your data, you can start using it!
If your requirements include additional interfaces, the effort will increase slightly.
Depending on the complexity, you can expect to be up and running in a few days to a few weeks, as illustrated below:

What costs should I expect for my transport company if I decide to use transLogiX?

You can find out a cost range for your individual case by clicking on the link below:

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